Currently our group is working on the impact cross-disciplinary research in the areas of solid-state microelectronics, digital circuit designs, computer architecture, application-specific system design, and CAD (Computer Aided Design) algorithms for ultra-low power VLSI.

 We apply our research experience to other research domains, such as design for manufacturing to solve yield problems due to process variation, thermal effects and electrical verification for system-on-chip design, and circuit optimization for new materials like nano-tube, fuel cells, and organic transistors. I believe that adaptation is a promising tool for improving not only the power efficiency, but also their performance, and possibly even their yield problems tremendously for future design technology nodes.

  • Design for Power (DFP): ultra-low-power techniques from system level to circuit/layout level
  • Design for Manufacturing (DFM): process variation compensation, statistical analysis and optimization
  • Electrical Verification for SoC Design
  • Application Specific Design: ESL system implementation and prototyping
  • CAD Algorithms
  • Circuit Design for new materials, nano-tube and organic transistors
  • Current Projects
    • Low-Power FPGA and ASIC Design for Advanced Deep Learning Algorithms (CNN and RNN)
    • UHF Class-1 Gen-2 RFID Reader Design
    • NoC Switching Desgin for Multimedia Mobile Processors
    • Energy Conversion Circuit Desgin for Energy harvesting by using EAP
    • Ultra-Low-Power Wyner Ziv Codec Design for Wireless Video Sensor Networks















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