Mar 2016
-Prof. Ken Choi edited several journals of Springer and Wiley. Link

Mar 2016
-We have secured several projects related to the low power solutions for multimedia applications, with $1.6 millions sponsored by Federal agencies in US and South Korea.

Aug 2015
- DA-Lab organized a workshop for reseachers from U.S. and South Korea. Dr. Khokhar, Chair of ECE dept., IIT, hosted the workshop. After the workshop, Dr. Ken Choi reported our reseach outcomes.

Aug 2014
- DA-Lab extended project contract with KETI(Korea Electronics Technology Institute).

Mar 2013
We had our ASIC chip of DVC video codec fabricated! This chip was designed by DA-Lab, IIT, and fabricated using 65nm process technology by Samsung.

Sep 2012
- DA-Lab welcomed guests from KETI, and presented our research outcomes of last year. We had an annual project evaluation session this Summer, Lab director Dr. Ken Choi reported our research progress and ourcomes of last year to our guests, on the behalf of Korea Electronics Technology Institute (KETI). After the project report conference, KETI extended our project contract.

Jul 2012
Congrats! PhD candidate Wei Wang has passed his oral defense of dissertation.

Apr 2012
Congrats! PhD candidate Li Li has passed his oral defense of dissertation.

Dec 2010
- DA-Lab has published/submitted 9 journal papers and 17 conference papers regarding ultra-low-power (advanced power gating and clock gating) and reliability (soft error hardening) circuit and system design, RFID, energy harvesting circuits, and CNFET circuit designs during Fall 2010 (Jul 2010 - Dec 2010)

Dec 2010
- DA-Lab has got awarded two best-paper-awards during Fall 2010 in IEEE ISOCC and WTA 2010. Congratulations to Ph.D candidates, Mr. Haiqing Nan and Mr. Li Li !

 June 2010
- DA-Lab awarded a research project from LSIS (Phase I: June 2010 - Sept 2010 / Phase II: Oct 2010 - May 2011) about 'Design and Implementation for ISO/IEC 18000-6REV1 UHF RFID System'  

  May 2010
- DA-Lab has submitted 4 journal papers and 7 conference papers (CICC, SOCC, EIT, ISCAS, and RFID) regarding ultra-low-power design,  PVT-variation aware circuits, and hybrid and reconfigurable Carbon Nanotube circuit techniques. (Spring 2010, Jan. 2010 - May. 2010)

  Mar 8-12 2010
- Prof. Ken Choi presented seminars and technical discussions to collaborate with LSIS, KAIST, YonSei Univ., Korea Univ., Hanyang Univ., Konkuk Univ., and local companies in Korea

  December 2009
- DA-Lab Ph.D Student, Haiqing Nan received a best paper award (COSAR Award) in IEEE ISOCC 2009

  December 2009
- DA-Lab has submitted 2 journal papers and 7 conference papers (ISCAS, ISQED, and GLSVLSI) regarding ultra-low-power design,  PVT-variation aware circuits, and hybrid and reconfigurable Carbon Nanotube circuit techniques. (Fall 2009, Aug. 2009 - Dec. 2009)

  September 2009
-  Prof. Ken Choi visited Japan and Korea for technical discussions and seminars to collaborate with LSIS, KAIST, ETRI, Korea Univ., Hanyang Univ., Konkuk Univ., and local companies.

  August 2009
- DA-Lab awarded three research projects during Spring 2009 about low-power NoC design for multimedia and multi-processor design, energy harvesting circuit desing for EAP, and high-sensitive RFID system design.

  August 2009
- DA-Lab has submitted 4 journal papers and 6 conference papers (ISLPED, EIT, ISOCC,and ASP-DAC) regarding ultra-low-power design and PVT-variation aware circuit techniques.

  January 2009
- A senior post-doc research associate, Dr. KyungKi Kim, joined DA-Lab.

  January 2009
- Prof. Ken Choi visited Korea for seminars with LSIS, KAIST, ETRI, and local companies.

  December 2008

- Final reports for research projects for 2008 are submitted.

  • Implementation for EPC Radio-Frequency Identification Protocol of Class-1 Generation-2 UHF RFID System
  • Low-power Multimedia Mobile Processor Design

  December 2008
- Two final reports for research projects are submitted.

  November 2008
- Senior executive vice president, Dr. JW Choe, visited DA-LAb and made an MOU for future collaboration between IIT-ECE and LS Idustrial Systems.

  June 2008
- A director (Dr. G. Choi) in LSIS visited to DA-Lab for future collaborations with IIT.

  June 2008
- A manager and an engineer from LSIS visited to DA-Lab and testbed of RFID-System in DA-Lab is setup.

  May 2008
- Engineers from LSIS visited to DA-Lab

  May 2008
- Mr. Haiqing Nan and Mr. Pranjal Jain got best poster prizes at the IIT ECE day

  April 2008
- Mr. Pranjal Jain and Mr. Feng Ge were awarded second place for best poster and presentation competition in IIT Research Day

  April 2008
- Dr. SeongMo Park and his group egineer in Electronics and Telecommunicatios Reserach Institute (ETRI) from Korea visited DA-Lab for future collaboration about "Mobile Multimedia Platform Development and its SoC Implementation"

  March 2008
- DA-Lab has been awarded with two projects

  • Design and Implementation for EPC Radio-Frequency Identification Protocol of Class-1 Generation-2 UHF RFID System to communicate at 860 MHz  960MHz" sponsored by LS Industrial Systems
  • RT Level Design and Implementation for Ultra-Low Power by using Automatic RT Level Code Conversion Algorithms" sponsored by ETRI

  March 2008
- Mr. Haiqing Nan and Ms. Jihong Dong submitted a paper to MWSCAS'08 - "Inter-Hierarchical Power Analysis Methodology to Reduce Multiple Orders of Magnitude Run-Time without Compromizing Accuracy"

  February 2008
- Mr. Pranjal Jain and Mr. Feng Ge submitted a paper to CHES'08 - "Ultra-Low Power and High Speed Design and Implementation of AES and SHA1 Hardware Cores in 65 Nanometer CMOS Technology"

  March 2008
- Dr. Ken Choi is invited for a tutorial session in the field of leakage-power reduction techniques at DATE (Design, Automation, and Test in Europe), March 10-14th, 2008 in Munich, Germany

  February 2008
- Four new Master's students have joined Spring' 08 semester in DA-Lab (Welcome!)

  November 2008
- Dr. CD Cho, a vice dean in Engineering Dept. from Inha University visited IIT DA-Lab on Nov. 9th for future collaboration

  December 2007
- Dr. Ken Choi is invited to present seminar on low power design issues in December 2007 from Korea Polytechnic University, Korea, Samsung, and Dongbu Electronics

  November 2007
- Dr. Ken Choi visited Portland State University, Portland, Oregon for an invited talk with Intel people

  October 2007
- Sequence low-power CAD tools are installed in IIT and currently being used at RTL level for research in power reduction

  September 2007
- IIT DA-Lab and Sequence Design has set up a research collaboration contract and Sequence donated low-power analysis CAD Tools (it is worth 4.26 million dollars)

  September 2007
- Mr. Jerry Frenkil (CTO, Sequence Design) visited IIT on Sept. 2007 for a seminar on "low-power design methodology and flows "








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