ECE Advising:
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Undergraduate Advising Goals:

  • Build a relationship with each student via her/his faculty advisor
  • Provide advice during 2-week advising period (course plan, IIT services, career path, etc.)
  • Enable advised ECE students to enroll in classes as soon as tiered registration opens

Requirements for Students:

  • Submit list of desired courses when scheduling appointment
  • Meet in person with Advisor for 15 minute advising appointment
  • Be prompt and prepared for appointment (see curriculum sheets, detailed course descriptions, and links to Registrar's Policies & Procedures below)
  • Register for courses agreed upon during appointment

Requirements for Faculty:

  • Set aside sufficient meeting slots for advisees during two-week advising period
  • Be available for appointments scheduled at least 24 hours in advance via Google Calendar
  • Discuss student issues (degree program, other university offices, graduate school, careers)
  • Document advising appointment in DegreeWorks; provide referral to ECE Department for specific advising issues; provide Alternate PIN (to be posted at beginning of two-week advising/pre-registration period on under Teaching tab)

Announcement Email to all ECE Undergraduates:

Referral to the ECE Department:

  • Advising Referral Issues - specific issues that must be referred to the ECE Department, or another office, following an Advising Appointment

Advising Procedure for Students:

  1. Create a desired list of courses based on the most recent ECE Curriculum Sheets, DegreeWorks and the Detailed Course Descriptions below.
  2. Create a desired schedule based on the "Class Schedule Search" application provided by the Registrar. The Registrar plans to post the upcoming course schedule on the first day of the advising / pre-registration period.
  3. Determine your Advisor via the Academics tab (Academic Profile channel).
  4. Sign-up for a 15 minute Advising Appointment with your Advisor via the ECE Google Calendar Advising Appointment page.
    • Appointments must be made at least 24 hours in advance.
    • Click on your Advisor's name.
    • Choose a Date and Time.
    • Fill out the Description textbox with your Student ID and desired list of courses.
  5. Discuss your course selections and any other advising issues with your Advisor.
  6. Following your advising appointment, your Advisor will provide your Alternate PIN and record the outcome of the meeting in the Notes section of your DegreeWorks record.
  7. If you need to follow up on an item listed in the Advising Referral Issues document above, then your Advisor will refer you to ECE Academic Program Coordinator, Ms. Joanette Catino, or another office, for further assistance.
If you cannot find an open appointment on your Advisor's calendar, then please send an email to ECE Academic Program Coordinator, Ms. Joanette Catino, or stop by her office, room 105 Siegel Hall. She will try to schedule an appointment with ECE Associate Chair, Prof. Saniie.

Curriculum Sheets (last revised Fall 2015):

Recent curriculum changes:
  • Dec 2015 - Laboratory components for ECE 211 and ECE 213 revised; lab moved from ECE 211 to ECE 213
  • Dec 2015 - MATH 474 requirement changed to MATH 374 requirement
  • Dec 2012 - ECE Faculty approved the following list of first-year Science Elective courses (choose one): BIOL105/107, BIOL114/115, CHEM126, MS201

Curriculum Flow Charts:

Detailed Undergraduate Course Descriptions:

Links to Additional Resources:

Updated 16 March 2018
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