My research program examines the relationship between information processing, and its physical implementation in engineered signal processing systems. We study novel ways of transforming and communicating information that exploit physical properties of the underlying technologies; from integrated circuit design principles that rely on the non-linear characteristics of CMOS devices, to high speed wireless communication between chips, to integrated sensor and readout structures for imaging processing and 3D CMOS technology. At a more fundamental level, we employ elements of communication and information theory, to analyze, establish quantitative and relevant measures for performance and engineer micro-systems, at different scales, macro to micro and nano.
  1. CMOS mm-wave Fully Integrated Wireless Transceiver
  2. Ultra-low Noise Infrared Detector Amplifier
  3. Energy Efficient Wireless Transceiver Architecture
  4. Temperature Compensated Crystal Oscillator
  5. Energy Harvesting for Mobile Communication

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