Available Positions

To apply for positions in our laboratory, please email ksuzuki [at] iit.edu with your resume or CV, a short description of your research interests, and names/contact information for references (if available).

Computer Scientist

If you have an M.S., Ph.D., or equivalent degree in computer science/engineering, biomedical engineering, or a similar discipline, there may be a possibility for a Computer Scientist position.  This position may be suited for a person who wants to develop his/her academic career in the field of medical imaging sciences/engineering.  Required skills for this position are excellent programming skills in the computer languages (C/C++, Perl, and Matlab) and strong problem-solving skills.  Substantial experience in 2D and 3D pattern recognition, computer vision, image analysis, and/or machine learning is desired.  Research projects will involve the development of new algorithms/methods for computer-aided diagnosis or machine learning.

Research Assistant or Research Technician

If you are currently a graduate/undergraduate student at Illinois Institute of Technology, there may be a possibility for a Research Assistant or Research Technician position.  If you are seeking research experience in a medicine-related field, for example, if you have an M.D. degree and are looking for your residency, you may work on a research project in our laboratory as Research Technician or Research Professional to develop your career.  There are a variety of jobs in this category: (1) collection of diagnostic images (CT, digital radiography, MRI, etc.), (2) selection of diagnostic imaging cases, (3) reconciliation of diagnostic images with radiology reports and/or pathology reports, (4) analysis of computer output on clinical cases, and so on.

Visiting Scholar, Visiting Postdoctoral Scholar, or Visiting Professors

We accept a Visiting Scholar in a relevant research area from a university outside of the U.S., but will not accept a short-term (< six months) visitor.  If you have a Ph.D., M.D., or equivalent degree in a relevant area, you may be qualified for a Visiting Scholar position.  If you already have experience for several years after earning of your Ph.D. or M.D. degree, you may be qualified for a Visiting Assistant/Associate/Full Professor position.