Motivation for Drive-Thru Efficiency

Corporations continually seek new and innovative ways to increase productivity of both its workers and business as a whole. Productivity has a direct relationship with efficiency. As a company becomes more efficient, it's productivity invariably increases as well. IPRO 344 is dedicated to helping drive-thru restaurants expand it's customer base by making their communications link more efficient. This gain is twofold; the class D amplifiers employed in our kisok require very little power and therefore reduce energy costs of operation while efficiency is also increased through a more clearer communications channel, thereby reducing talking time and item repeats, thus leading to a greater number of orders taken in a shorter amount of time. This efficiency not only benefits corporations and stockholders, but also creates a more pleasant experience for the customer.

What does IPRO 344 have to offer that will increase drive-thru efficiency?

While new drive-thru facilities are likely to include state-of-the-art audio equipment, we are mostly concerned with the thousands of existing facilities. Our prototype is an exact replica of most modern kiosks. This replication lends us the possiblity to experiment with microphone placement, speaker placement, noise cancellation systems, automatic gain control circuits, and acoustic properties of the system that have never before been analyzed. Our engineers have devised ingenious methods to measure microphone response and develp benchmark readings that all restaurants should find acceptable. Existing facilities can be immediately retrofitted with our ideas and begin increasing efficiency today!