Low Power Solutions for Electronic Devices

The focus of IPRO 344 is to capture and deliver superior sound quality at drive-thru restaurants. To accomplish our goals, we have employed industry leading electronics. Microphones made by Shure allow us to successfully capture the customer's voice, while class D amplifiers by Texas Instruments regenerate the signal during transmission.

Texas Instruments TPA 3101D2

The TPA 3101D2 is located on an evaluation board with a built-in low pass filter and both solder pad and rca input and output connectors. The TPA 3101D2 evaluation board also provides four possible gain settings of 20dB, 26dB, 32dB, and 36dB. Variable gain allows us to determine the optimum signal level during testing. Overall, the TPA 3101D2 was chosen for its high audio quality and convenient evaluation board.

In a two way communication system, both microhpones are monaural. Therefore, the two channels of a stereo amplifier can be used to power both sides of a two way communication system. Such a configuration will save both equipment cost and space.