Dr. Oruklu's research activities in are in the following areas:

  1. 1. Realt-time ultrasonic embedded systems

    1. Real-time ultrasonic sensor systems for nondestructive evaluation (NDE) applications

    2. Ultrasonic flaw detection algorithms with split-spectrum processing using order statistics and neural networks

    3. Neural networks for microstructure evaluation of materials using ultrasound

    4. Signal classification for the ultrasonic imaging of multilayered and composite materials

    5. Statistical signal processing for target detection

    6. Chirplet transform algorithms for ultrasonic denoising and data compression.

    7. Multi-resolution signal decomposition based on discrete wavelet transform (DWT) and adaptive thresholding for denoising algorithms

    8. Robust 3D ultrasonic compression algorithms based on non-uniform DWT implementation

    9. Hardware/software codesign of a robust embedded computing engine for ultrasonic imaging applications using FPGAs

  1. 2.System-on-Chip design and Reconfigurable Logic

    1. System architecture development for real-time signal processing and imaging applications

    2. Run-time (partial) reconfigurable architecture research

    3. Hardware/software codesign methodology utilizing FPGA devices to accelerate the development process

    4. Multiprocessor/multicore system design for multi-tasking using embedded processors

    5. Network-on-Chip hardware topologies and polymorphic computing

    6. Graphics Processing Unit (GPU) based parallel processing architectures

    7. High -Level Synthesis (HSL) using hardware C compilers

    8. Video processing platform development on FPGAs

  1. 3.VLSI architectures for high speed computer arithmetic

    1. Decimal arithmetic unit design with fast signed-digit architectures

    2. Multi-operand adders using flagged constant addition

    3. Scalable, large matrix multiplication architectures

    4. Hardware efficient implementation of Fast Fourier Transform

    5. QR factorization using unified division, square root, and inverse square root hardware

  1. 4.Sensor technologies

    1. Integration of sensors, real-time embedded processing, and network technologies

    2. Wireless sensor networks

    3. Network integration and sensor infrastructure

    4. Real-time video & image processing for security / control / surveillance applications


VLSI and SoC Laboratory

ECASP Laboratory

Department of Electrical and Computer engineering