Power Electronic Solutions for HEVs and PHEVs


Advanced solutions for all modern applications typically desire the control electronics to be compact and robust. In order to have maximum flexibility, our team has developed several embdded power electronics solutions for HEVs and PHEVs. These modules are typically been designed and populated in our lab and can therefore be easily modified to fit custom applications.

Our team has experience in developing power electronic setups that can be run using off-the-shelf products such as DSpace, or using custom designed boards such as the Digital Signal Processor (DSP) control board developed in our lab using a TMS320F2812 DSP.

Currently, our team is doing considerable research in the application of wide bandgap devices towards DC/DC converters, battery chargers and inverters for automotive systems. Power electronic solutions using Silicon Carbide (SiC), Galium Nitride (GaN) devices are bring tested.