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The BiITComm Laboratory is a research facility located in room SH 007 in the Electrical Engineering Department at the Illinois Institute of Technology. Current research efforts are in the areas of Communications, Information Theory and Bioinformatics



In the Communications area several projects are under way in Space Time coding, Multiple Input Multiple Output communication systems, Wireless Sensor Networks and Advanced Modulation formats for bandwidth and power efficient communications. These projects involve collaboration with researchers in NEC Laboratories, Lucent Technologies and other faculty members in the Department.



The rapid advances in both genomic data acquisition and computational technology have encouraged development and use of engineering based methods in the field of genetic data analysis. Techniques from engineering fields such as information theory, communications, coding theory, signal processing, machine learning, and various statistical methods are now being actively researched for use in gene and regulatory sequence identification. Current trends in research are becoming interdisciplinary in nature; familiar merges are communication with networks, secure communications and others. A relative new field is the use of communication engineering ideas for understanding genetic information. This has been promoted by the increased availability of genetic data. Current projects in our lab deal with developing and implementing computational methods based on Communication and Information Theory for identification and annotation of the functional elements in the genomes of prokaryotic and eukaryotic organisms. Work focuses on applying principles of source and channel coding theory, information theory and pattern recognition to analyze and model genetic structures. The research involves collaboration with faculty of the Biology Department and National Center for Food Safety and Technology.

       Our future research will expand our collaboration with industry and research centers across the nation.

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